Industrial Applications of Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound that’s widely used as an effective disinfectant. Despite having chlorine as part of its chemical composition, its overall makeup is considered significantly different from regular chlorine that’s present in household bleach.
It is a very potent chemical compound, giving it a higher rate of effectiveness even in low concentrations.The CHlorine Dioxide Molecule...
Considering this, it is often used in industrial applications, some of which we will be discussing in the article below.

Chlorine Dioxide in Industrial Settings
Here are some of the most common uses of chlorine dioxide in industrial settings.

1. Water Treatment
Due to its disinfectant properties, chlorine dioxide is often added to water to make it safe for drinking. Adding chlorine dioxide to drinking water helps destroy harmful germs, bacteria & pathogens, and even several types of parasites.
There’s no need to worry about ingesting it as the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has set regulations on how much chlorine dioxide can be added to drinking water. They have limited it to a maximum of 0.8 parts per million or ppm.
Chlorine dioxide helps prevent oxidation that can provide an environment that’s conducive to the growth of bacteria and algae. It’s also helpful for the controlling of the taste and odor of drinking water.

2. Paper Processing
Aside from being a powerful disinfectant, chlorine dioxide is a potent bleaching agent which is why it is used in paper production factories.
Chlorine dioxide is utilized for the chemical processing of wood pulp to manufacture paper.

3. Food and Drink Production
Aside from drinking water, chlorine dioxide is also used as an antimicrobial agent added in water. This is then used to process poultry products as well as wash fruits and vegetables before putting them up for sale.

4. Disinfection of Cooling Towers
Molecular Makeup of the Cl02 Compound...One industrial application of chlorine dioxide is its use for the disinfection and sanitizing of cooling towers. Not only does it sanitize the water inside cooling towers but it also helps remove any bio film that’s accumulated in the cooling towers.
This, therefore, helps prevent corrosion and damage to their equipment, allowing their cooling towers to function more efficiently.

5. Medical Applications
One of the major use for chlorine dioxide is for the disinfection and sanitizing of various laboratory and medical equipment.
Sterilization of laboratory and medical equipment is vital to the promotion and maintenance of a clean and healthy environment in medical institutions like hospitals. Chlorine dioxide is effective at eliminating various bacteria and viruses that can cause harmful diseases and illnesses.
The use of chlorine dioxide helps protect both healthcare workers and patients alike in medical institutions such as hospitals.

Chlorine dioxide is a versatile chemical compound that offers highly potent disinfectant properties, making it a valuable chemical in the prevention of the growth and spread of various bacteria and viruses.
It’s even more essential in industrial settings wherein the conditions can sometimes lead to illnesses without proper sterilization.
However, it’s vital that the proper amount is used as it can be toxic when exposed to high levels of the chemical. Thankfully, there are regulating bodies such as the EPA that have set limitations on the amount of chlorine dioxide that can be used in various applications.