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Chlorine dioxide is a powerful anti microbial compound that has a long history of use - mostly known for its ability to sanitize drinking water (the last 60 years being the primary chemical used in municipal water supplies). The reason being is that it Chlorine Dioxide Moleculeworks, & works well. There are very few pathogens out there in water anywhere in the world that cannot be made potable with the use of this potent little molecule.

There is much confusion out there about whether this product is the same as regular chlorine. Aside from sharing a chlorine atom - this is about where the similarities end! Both of these chemicals are strong oxidizers, but how each goes about this is entirely different! Chlorine does NOT discriminate how it kills - whereas chlorine dioxide has the unique ability to donate & share electrons, meaning that it is more target specific. A unique ability of the chlorine dioxide molecule is to actively break down bio film - especially useful in the food industry.

At room temperature this is a yellowish gas, water soluble - having an odor similar to that of chlorine. Once dissolved in water this gas releases free oxygen - much in the same way as hydrogen peroxide will. Where the magic happens is that when oxygen & chlorine are bound in the one molecule, there are VERY few pathogens found in water that can survive coming into contact with this compound! This is the reason this compound has become the chemical of choice for water sanitation the world over!

Chlorine Dioxide has been shown to be an effective water sanitizing agent for the good part of 6 decades - purifying & making water drinkable for millions of people all over there world!

Learn more about how the Chlorine Dioxide molecule works - you will be surprised at just how much this compound is used in modern times. A brief overview that you should find useful.

Chlorine Dioxide can be stabilized in a tablet form for making water potable whilst traveling / camping. A very simple & convenient solution to an age old problem. Worth a watch...

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This common product, namely sodium chlorite (liquid oxygen), when mixed with a small amount of acid liberated the much more potent anti bacterial, fungal & pathogenic chlorine dioxide molecule.

It may interest many of you out there that this product has been used in our municipal water supply for going on 6 decades now.


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