DMSO - Di Methyl Sulfoxide

DMSO - Dimethyl Sulfoxide

DMSO is an odorless, non toxic crystalline compound, & is used in the cosmetic & pharmaceutical industry for its trans dermal qualities. What this means is the Dimethyl Sulfoxide compound facilitates deeper penetration of any given substance either through the skin or within bodyily tissues.

DMSO has also been used by itself for therapeutic effect & detoxifying qualities.


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Please Note: Be sure to study the appropriate protocol when using the DMSO & begin with a smaller amount & increase as required.

It may interest you to know that Dimethyl Sulfoxide has been used in veterinary applications for decades - ranging from treating inflammation to neurological injury. This pungent, syrupy liquid is in fact a by product of paper manufacturing - when wood is pulped DMSO is one of the sister products that result from the process. Initially back in the 1960's this compound was considered somewhat of a potential miracle compound - though due to some complications with the FDA at the time it fell out of favor. Regardless, since its widespread acceptance within the equine industry this compound has gradually regained acceptance.


DMSO's amazing versatility as a therapeutic compound is derived from its molecular structure - which allows it to combine with water in very peculiar ways. As DMSO is very similar in its molecular makeup as water with its shape, polarity & size - it gives rise to three VERY important qualities.

1)... DMSO & water mix together EXTREMELY well - regardless of concentrations. Dr Jacobs says the water - DMSO bond is 1.3 times more powerful than the water - water bond (meaning anything DMSO is mixed with will be pulled deeply into cellular structures within the body).

2)... When both DMSO & water are combined they share 6 hydrogen atoms that act like powerful magnets - giving it the ability to dissolve & "grab onto" larger structures of complex organic molecules WITHOUT changing their fundamental structure (again, meaning it can "pull" the desired compounds deeper into tissue structures).

3}... Within the body, DMSO has the ability to pass through cellular structures just as readily as water - but without causing ANY damage to the sensitive tissues. It can also replace / remove water molecules from target tissues & replace them with other molecules - hence forth its therapeutic nature. It also has the ability to alter the cellular membrane permeability - meaning it facilitates the movement of various compounds into bodily structures that otherwise would NOT be allowed to enter.

If you are seeking a comprehensive understanding of EXACTLY how DMSO works then a book by the name of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) in Trauma & Disease, written by Stanley W Jacob is well worth reading...