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Video #1

This video below shows you how the chlorine dioxide compound works on a molecular level & is a great watch if you want to learn what you need to know in a short period of time! It is amazing to note that MOST pathogens out there are in fact VERY sensitive to the chlorine dioxide compound - be sure to have  watch of the video below as it is educational in nature & you will be sure to learn a little about the chlorine dioxide compound is used in modern industry also.

# Video 3

Chlorine dioxide has been used for a good part of 6 decades now for the sanitation of water - being almost solely used of late for municipal water supplies the world over. Unlike chlorine, the potent chlorine dioxide molecule does NOT break down into harmful compounds that remain in the water after long periods of time. This molecule in normal conditions is found in a gas state, being yellowish in color - & having a strong chlorine like smell. This compound also has the unique ability to BOTH receive & donate electrons - meaning that it can remain active for long periods of time without breaking down. A unique ability of chlorine dioxide in its ability to break down biofilm - something that is a BIG problem in the food industry (especially with meat & such). Be sure to have a watch - a short video but informative.