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Discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1814, Chlorine dioxide is a synthetic, yellow-green gas. Since the early 1900s, chlorine dioxide has been used as a disinfectant for various purposes. Here are some uses of Chlorine Dioxide:

As a Disinfectant

Due to the antimicrobial properties present, chlorine dioxide is used for disinfecting food. Chlorine dioxide is effective in killing the bacteria present on vegetable seed and sprouts, which usually causes disease outbreaks and stomach problems.

Chlorine dioxide has also shown to prevent and terminate biofilms, which causes a big challenge for food processors. They use chlorine dioxide in order to destroy harmful bacteria.

For antimicrobial purposes

Many public water-treatment facilities use chlorine dioxide to sterilize water and make it safe for drinking for the public. Chlorine dioxide is soluble in water and quickly react with other compounds. Since chlorine dioxide is very reactive, when it is added into the water, it quickly able to kill microorganisms and bacteria in water.

Traveler, campers, and hikers also make use of chlorine dioxide containing water purification tablets to sterilize water from the rivers or lakes.

For oral health improvement

Chlorine dioxide is also used in various density products due to its strong bacteria-killing properties. The chlorine dioxide containing mouthwash is used for resolving bad breath issues by reducing the bacteria and plaque that cause gum disease.

Chlorine dioxide can also be used for teeth whitening and cleaning the mouth during root canal treatment. Chlorine dioxide mouthwashes products are easily available in the market. However, when using them make sure that you don’t swallow the solution, since the amount of chlorine dioxide contains is much higher in these products than in other chlorine dioxide tablets, such as water purification tablets.

As an Anti Bacterial Solution

Chlorine dioxide has a strong antiviral effect and can degrade the viruses and destroy them from regenerating. Chlorine dioxide has been effective againstMOST water borne pathogens

A popular product is known as MMS (Miracle Mineral solution) also makes use of chlorine dioxide as the main agent in their MMS supplement. The chlorine dioxide present in the Miracle Mineral solution help overcome various deadly diseases. The MMS supplement is however not meant to cure diseases but rather strengthen the body’s immune system and help the body remain resistant against deadly viruses and bacteria.

Hope this short blog surges up your interest in knowing more about the uses and benefits of chlorine dioxide.

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