Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Chlorine Dioxide Solution Protocol as an antimicrobial agent to boost the immune system

When the immune system weakens, the production of pathogenic bacteria increases, eventually causing the body to fall sick. Without a strong immune system, your body becomes a host to various diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid, pneumonia, cancer, and many more. Fortunately, there are ways and measures that can be taken to eliminate harmful bacteria and boost the immune system so the body can remain forever resistant to diseases.

Our immune system is frequently exposed to organisms that we unintentionally inhale, swallow or get inhabited on the skin. The immune system then decides whether these organisms are hazardous to the body. If your body defense mechanism is strong, it can easily neutralize and eliminate pathogens like bacteria, parasites, fungi, or viruses that enter the body. It also fights against those “self” cells and organisms that have changed because of infection or illness. Thereby keeping you away from falling sick.

For the immune system to run smoothly, it must be nurtured and maintained properly by taking a healthy diet, exercise, and by using antimicrobial products, like Chlorine Dioxide Solution Protocol. The remarkable thing about our immune system is that it remains constantly learning and adapting so that our body is able to fight against viruses or bacteria that change over time.

Chlorine Dioxide Solution Protocol as an antimicrobial agent

Chlorine Dioxide is a compound that is composed of potassium, chloride, oxygen, and gold. The chemical compound of chloride and oxygen which is formed from 2 electronegative elements, makes it possible for Chlorine Dioxide to release nascent oxygen while working as an anti-microbial agent.
Certain facets of the immune system make use of other mechanisms to generate reactive oxygen derivatives in order to fight infectious foreign organisms. Without this, your body mechanism’s ability to fight bacteria and organisms is greatly reduced. It becomes easier for viruses and bacteria to invade your body and produce various diseases.

The use of Chlorine Dioxide Solution Protocol can help in assisting your body mechanism to counteract these infectious bacteria and organisms before they produce diseases. The Chlorine Dioxide present in this solution is a strong antimicrobial agent for which it has been used to help users stay away from diseases by eliminating harmful bacteria.

By assisting in taking out the harmful bacteria and viruses, Chlorine Dioxide Solution Protocol helps the immune system to easily fight all those harmful substances and run smoothly in keeping your body healthy and free from diseases.

Chlorine Dioxide for Water Treatment and other uses

Chlorine dioxide, generated from sodium chlorite, works as a powerful oxidizing agent. Due to its strong disinfectant properties, Chlorine dioxide has been widely used for various purposes. One very common usage is for water treatment.

Drinking water treatment

Chlorine dioxide is said to be first used for treating water in 1944 at the Niagara Falls water treatment plant, to control odor and taste of the municipal drinking water. Today, Chlorine dioxide is used by most municipal drinking water industries as an important chemical to kill harmful bacteria in the water and make it safe for use.

For treating drinking water, chlorine dioxide is used both as an oxidizing and disinfectant agent and can be used during the pre-oxidation as well as in the post-oxidation process.

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When chlorine dioxide is added in the pre-oxidation step, it works to eliminate bacteria and algae in the water and also prevent them from growing back in the following steps. Chlorine dioxide then oxidizes floating particles and assist in removing turbidity from the water. This way, with the help of Chlorine dioxide, most bacteria are eliminated and prevented from growing in the drinking water supply network.
Chlorine dioxide also works against bio-film that can form in the supply network. Bio-film works to form a defensive layer over other pathogens. These protected pathogens are usually hard to detect and kill for most disinfectants. But chlorine dioxide is powerful enough to reach those bio-films, eliminate them and the pathogens.

Swimming pool disinfection

Chlorine dioxide can be added to the swimming pool to prevent the growth of bacteria, algae, fungi and other harmful micro-organisms, injurious to human health. The advantage of chlorine dioxide is that it can be used at a very low amount to sterilize water. Upon adding in the water, it will kill all bacteria, slime, algae, and Fungi, which usually tend to develop in stored water.

Other uses

Recently, the effectiveness and the powerful disinfectant properties of the Chlorine dioxide have got the interest of many people. A number of manufactures have started to take advantage of the benefits of Chlorine dioxide and thus are adding this chemical in different kind of products

MMS, known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement, is a very popular product that uses Chlorine dioxide. According to various reviews, this product is claimed to have many benefits and help fight various sicknesses. It works to eliminate germs, bacteria, and other pathogens in the body, just like how it works in killing various pathogens in the drinking water and swimming pool. By eliminating harmful pathogens, it boosts the immune system and helps the body to quickly heal from illness.

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