Master Mineral Solution - Why has this Product Become so Popular?

This amazingly powerful compound, commonly known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS , has been very prominant in the alternative medicinal arena for close to a decade. The reason it has stood the test of time is because it works - & works well! It may interest many of you out there that this product has been used in our municipal water supply for going on 6 decades now. The man who is responsible for its discovery & bringing it into the mainstream is Jim Humble.

 Who is this man Jim Humble?...

It all begun back in the mid 1990's whilst Jim was on a mining expidition deep within the jungle's of the South Americas. When one of his party was suddenly struck down by the Malaria parasite, Jim struck upon a amazing discovery - a revelation that has since altered the lives of many! Learn more...

What did Mr Humble discover?Chlorine Dioxide Molecule

Upon returning to the States, Jim began testing in earnest - & what he found was that the active component within his simple water purification formulation formula was absolutely deadly against the Malaria parasite - the very same parasite that is responsible for millions of deaths each & every year. This common product, namely sodium chlorite (liquid oxygen), when mixed with a small amount of either lemon juice or citric acid liberated the much more potent anti bacterial, fungal & pathogenic chlorine dioxide molecule.  Needless to say, this warranted further investigation! Learn more...

As time progressed, it was becoming increasingly clear that the chlorine dioxide molecule was not only deadly against the malaria parasite, but also a wide range of fungi, bacteria & parasites - interestingly enough viruses as well!

Unfortunately, there is an ever increasing push from various regulatory bodies the world over that are attempting to ban the Miracle Mineral Supplement - so the question is how long will this amazingly effective product remain available to the public, this is the question...

If you would like to download the first part of Jim Humble's latest book then download it as a .pdf here

The video below features one of Mr Humble's long standing advocates - this is an excellent introduction as to what this potent little compound can do. Dennis speaks of his ailing health for many years before stumbling upon this chlorine dioxde based molecule. Be sure to have a watch...




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Miracle Mineral Supplement - Nature's Little Secret... 


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